2019 Conference Presentations

The presentations listed below are grouped according to the track.  If you are looking for a particular presentation from the Conference, and do not it listed below, please contact Jess LaNore. You can a view a copy of the 2019 Conference Agenda for your reference.

Floodplain Track

Whitewater River Study - 41 miles in 2 months - Robert Page
ONW1: Extreme Events - An Interactive Flood Response Activity - Matt Rummel, Tom Maggard
The Multiple Layers of Floodplain Compliance - Jon Eggen
Fort Wayne Riverfront - Phase I Engineering - Kurt Heidenreich, Patrick Zaharako
Riverfront Fort Wayne - Brian Staresnick
Elevation Certificate Case Studies – Identifying Costly Mistakes - Rodney Renkenberger
What Kind of a River is This? The St. Mary’s River Channel Stability and Flood Risk Assessment - Robert Barr
USACE Water Resources Programs & Authorities - Brandon Brummett
Professional CFM Ethics - Alicia Silverio

MS4 Track

Nutrients in Fido's Feces - Brad Lee
Rain Garden Revival: Operations and Maintenance from a Restoration Perspective - Katherine Zaiger
An Easier Way to Complete Surveys - Amy Harvell
Successful BMP Maintenance: Guiding Property Owner Compliance in Birmingham, Ala - Heather Williams
MS4 Permit Updates - IDEM
Using Cityworks to Manage Stormwater Operations - Tom Maggard
A Successful MS4 Mindset: Resource versus Requirement - Al Walus
INAFSM Inspectors' Group and IDDE Work Group Fireside Chat - IDDE / Inspectors Groups

Stormwater Track

The Benefits of Rolled Filtration BMP's. Taming the Wild West and separating BMP's by Using ASTM Standards - Joe Moore, Jim Blazek
ONW2: Hands-On Rain Garden Workshop - Kristen Buell, Stacy Haviland
Train the Trainer: Ward’s 3D Stormwater Floodplain Simulation System Model - Mark Walton
Trees & Water Sensitive Urban Design - Troy Holmes
Make the Most of Your Budget by Maximizing Funding Opportunities - Mark Krenzke
Valley Street: Reducing Peak Flow Discharges to a Combined Sewer System - Emily Nelson
Improving Functionality & Resiliency of Constructed Wetlands - Jason Martin
Advanced Impervious Surface Delineation for Stormwater Utilities - Kent Park
Vegetated Stormwater and Floodplain Soil Stabilization with Benefits - Ron Geater

Technical Track

Wetland Systems - An Innovative Approach to Treat Mercury-Laden Runoff - DJ O'Toole
MW1: Spy Run Channel and Flood Control Basins - Anne Marie Smrchek, Jim Blazek
MW2: Camp Scott Wetlands and Stormwater Pump Stations - Susan Beck, Nathan Baggett
MW3: Promenade Park - Patrick Zaharako, Alec Johnson
Indianapolis Flood Response Plan - Going Digital - Matt Rummell
Collaborative Watershed Improvements (Symons and Krause Drain) - Joe Miller
IDNR / FEMA Floodplain Mapping Updates - David Knipe
Stormwater: You’ve Got to Move It, Move It! - Wendy Reust, Charlie Cochran, Khylei Myers
Indiana Floodplain Information Portal (INFIP) Focus Group - David Knipe
Monitoring Stormwater Reduction Strategies in a Permeable Surficial Aquifer System, Gary, Indiana - David Lampe

Plenary Sessions

The ASFPM Foundation - George Riedel
Building Natural Infrastructure - Innovations in the use and funding of natural systems in water management - Gary Belan
Why (Almost) Every Indiana Community Should be in CRS - John Devine
Legislative Panel - Kerry Daily, Jeff Rose, Joel Bowers
Give My Floodplain Back to Me! - Naturalization of the Kankakee River Corridor in Indiana - Siavash Beik, Robert Barr


FIP and Floodplain Manager Basics - Doug Wagner, Darren Pearson, Anita Nance
Stormwater & Wetlands Programs (Title TBA) - Randy Braun
Artificial Neural Network Approach to Flood Forecasting - William Knight