Stormwater Committee

Committee Chairperson
Sarah Brichford ([email protected])
Phone Number: 765.456.2217

Stormwater Committee Groups


The MCM work groups are specific forums for stormwater professionals to discuss Minimum Control Measures for Phase II MS4 permit holders. Group members share experiences and ideas for conducting an effective program. The groups serve as sounding boards for problem solving and learning about program implementation across the state of Indiana.


The groups are open to anyone. Any level of MS4 experience is welcome, from beginners to advanced stormwater professionals.  

MCM 1 & 2 (Public Education & Outreach)
Included with the INAFSM Education Committee

Chair: Dana Wilkinson (Monroe County)
Email  /  812-349-2960
Click here for MCM 3 Meeting Schedule/Details and resources

MCM 4 & 5 (SWPPP Inspectors Group)
Chair: Dennis Nail (Banning Engineering)
Email / 317-644-9854
Click here for MCM 4 & 5 Meeting Schedule/Details and resources

MCM 6 (Good Housekeeping)
Chair: Amy Harvell  (Wessler Engineering)
Email / 317-788-4008
Click here for MCM 6 2017 Meeting Schedule/Details and resources