Municipal Good Housekeeping and Pollution Prevention Group

Amy Harvell
Wessler Engineering
Ph: 317-788-4008

About the Group

The GH & PP group is a forum for stormwater professionals to discuss Minimum Control Measures for Phase II MS4 permit holders.

Group members share experiences, materials and ideas for conducting an effective education and outreach program. The group serves as a sounding board for problem solving and learning about education and outreach across the state of Indiana.

The GH & PP group is open to anyone. INAFSM members have access to guidance documents and templates created by the group. Any level of MS4 experience is welcome, from beginners to advanced stormwater professionals. Meetings are typically via conference call and occasionally in person. 


The purpose of the P2 & GH Group is to assist MS4s with implementing the P2 & GH program throughout the State of Indiana and includes:

  • Providing methods to assist with communication and cooperation between departments.
  • Clarifying requirements of the P2 & GH program.
  • Providing options for program implementation that considers cost, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Describing and illustrating implementation methods of the P2 & GH program.
  • Determining MS4 concerns and needs for P2 & GH.
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P2 & GH Guidance Documents

Creating a Program Plan for Municipal Operations Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping - Download Now (February 2016)

This document is a Guide for developing or enhancing a P2 & GH Program for various sizes of Phase II MS4s. The Guide describes the program requirements and implementation options for Minimum Control Measure 6 of Rule 13. Download the entire Guide from the "Download Now" link above. To review specific sections as seen below click on the appropriate section in the document's table of contents on pages 1 and 2.

Cover photo of NPDES Guidance Booklet

  1. Guide Introduction
  2. Employee Training
  3. Stormwater Infrastructure
  4. Flood Management
  5. MS4 Facility Maintenance
  6. Vehicle Maintenance and Fueling
  7. Public Streets Operation and Maintenance
  8. Pesticide, Herbicide and Fertilizer Application and Management
  9. Spill Prevention, Response and Disposal
  10. Workgroup/Contributing Authors
  11. Resources
  12. Acronyms and Definitions

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

P2 & GH Resources

  • P2 & GH Quick Resource Guide Download Now (February 2016)
  • Highlights and follow-up for the presentation offered at the 2016 INAFSM Conference, "Waste Disposal for Municipalities", presented by Tracy Barnes, IDEM Office of Land Quality
  • Fact Sheet - Management of Dumpsters and Trash (pdf version) (docx version), July 2018 - The purpose of the Management of Dumpsters & Trash Fact Sheet is to provide information on the proper management, handling, and good housekeeping practices for trash bins, dumpsters, and roll-off containers. The Fact Sheet can be used by a MS4 for the education of residents, businesses, and industries. An editable Word document is available for adding your local MS4 or utility logo and contact information.

Contact the Chair if you have comments on the materials or a suggestion on an issue you would like the Group to address.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings or conference calls are typically held quarterly and during the INAFSM Annual Planning Meeting.  Contact the current Chair to become part of the Group or to participate in a meeting. 

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