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Stormwater Educator - Lafayette Renew

Posted: April 1

Incumbent serves as the Stormwater Educator for the Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality (TCPWQ), responsible for designing and delivering educational programs, with a focus on adult education, monitored by Lafayette Renew.


  • Designs curriculum and delivers presentation on various environmental education topics, including facilitating workshops, classroom presentations and activities.

  • Develop and implement water quality educational programs.

  • Oversee compliance with federal mandates, specifically Minimum Control Measure I Public Education and Outreach and II Public Participation of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Phase II of the Clean Water Act.

For additional information, please see the complete job description


First Deputy (Transitional), Howard County Surveyor

Posted: March 5


  • Investigate and resolve drainage problems
  • Oversee all drainage assessments
  • Understand and implement section corner perpetuation
  • Carry out duties as directed by the Howard County Surveyor.
  • Review submitted subdivisions/site/drainage plans.
  • Prepare surveys, drain profiles, and other necessary reports.
  • Help make determination of watersheds for tax purposes or assessments.
  • Maintain, update, and create the counties GIS layers pertaining to the Surveyor’s office.
  • Inspect and recommend acceptance of construction drawings and projects, related to drainage and erosion control. Review construction and erosion control plans. Review all drainage connections permits.
  • Review and propose updates to design standards, codes, and ordinances within the county.
  • Project Manager for all construction on the regulated drains. Site inspection, materials, billing, and payments to contractors.
  • Oversite of the section corners being re-established or perpetuated.
  • Addressing concerns from disgruntled landowners.

For additional information, please see the complete job description


Senior Water Resources Engineer, Environmental - ms consultants, inc.

Posted: March 2

ms consultants, inc. is actively seeking a Senior Water Resources Engineer for immediate employment in our Indianapolis office. The successful candidate will support the Water Resources group in leading projects and serving on project teams planning and designing water resources focused infrastructure for public works and privately owned projects.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for the planning and execution of projects assigned to the water resources engineering division, as well as providing expertise to other company divisions. Perform task management duties on specific projects as necessary. Use advanced knowledge in performing hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality analysis and modeling using computerized information services and systems. Keep informed of new developments and systems as they influence the divisions engineering practice and design. Manage design tasks, client interactions and perform engineering assignments requiring application of engineering techniques, procedures and criteria. Perform work which may include a variety of complex features such as conflicting design requirements, unsuitability of conventional materials and difficult coordination requirements. Prepare contract plans, specifications and supporting work including calculations, hydraulic analyses, etc. Develop hydrologic modeling inputs using the HEC software suite with the GIS application. Use FEMA flood hazard mapping requirements to identify flood hazards, assess flood risks and partner with client’s to provide accurate flood hazard and risk data to guide them to mitigation actions.

For additional information, please see the complete job description


Professional Surveyor - Office of the Monroe County Surveyor

Posted: January 28

Serves as the licensed professional Land Surveyor in the Monroe County Surveyor’s Office and is responsible for administering those portions of the statutory duties of the Surveyor’s Office that constitute the “Practice of land surveying”, and require registration with the state board of registration for land surveyors. Maintains legal survey records and official corners of the Public Land Survey (PLS) System. Checks and references at least five percent of all government corners each year in accordance with IC 36-2-12-11. Perpetuates original section and quarter corners, as well as the center of section and 16th corners with established histories. Gathers evidence that may assist in determining the original location of each corner including, researching original PLS notes and plats, deeds, plats, surveys, highway plans, corner records, private survey records, aerial photography,

For additional information, please see the complete job description


GIS Coordinator - Office of the Monore County Surveyor

Posted: January 25

Coordinates all aspects of a county-wide Geographic Information System (GIS). Position is responsible for GIS data management and quality control, GIS application maintenance and development, GIS database administration, and performing administrative, professional, and technical work. Works in the County Surveyor’s Office under the general direction of the County Surveyor, but will coordinate many efforts with multiple departments throughout the County. Coordinates extensively with the Technical Services Department. Manages vendors working on GIS related projects. Assists County GIS users as needed, including assessing user needs and developing applications, analyzing feature data and attributes for County departments, and diagnosing and fixing software problems. Processes geographic information queries and outputs, such as plotting of maps, for County users and the public.

For additional information, please see the complete job description

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