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Stormwater Specialist - City of Goshen

Posted: September 1

The Stormwater Specialist position works directly with on-the-ground water quality and quantity concerns in Goshen. A typical day in this position might start with conducting a site inspection of a construction site to ensure compliance with local and state stormwater regulations or it might start with stomping through a creek bed evaluating potential sources of water pollution and end dry and cozy in the office pulling together educational materials, working on policy changes, and issuing work orders that address issues observed in the field. Goshen’s Stormwater Department is looking for candidates passionate about improving our local environment who have the problem solving skills and experience to take on a wide variety of challenges. 

For additional information, please see the complete job description.


Green Infrastructure Manager - City of Lafayette

Posted: August 29

Work as Green Infrastructure Manager for Lafayette Renew, responsible for working in compliance with Indiana Phase II Stormwater regulations, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) stormwater programs.

For additional information, please see the complete job description.


Laboratory Research Assistant - IU Bloomington (Indiana Geological and Water Survey)

Posted: July 25

  • Assists Indiana Geological Survey in completing field and laboratory sampling and testing.
  • Helps manage and support laboratory and field equipment and tools essential to the function of everyday IGWS research and collection activities.
  • Initiates, monitors, completes, and reports routing to moderately complex research studies in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Oversees activities in the IGWS Geological Materials Testing Facility.
  • Works with IGWS researchers and other staff in the field, laboratory, and collection facilities to collect, process, and manage geological samples
  • Orders and handles supplies and chemicals according to specific SOPs, collects and manages hazardous wastes according to EHS protocols, keeps handwritten and digital sample processing logs updated, and serves as point of contact with EHS and Building Services.
  • Oversees research and collection activities in the IGWS Geological Materials Testing Facility.

For additional information, please see the complete job description: IU Employees, Non IU Employees


Stormwater Coordinator- Warsaw

Posted: July 7

Manages environmental compliance programs including stormwater, industrial, UST, construction through permits, and spill prevention control, and countermeasure programs. Prepares and submits reports and notifications to federal and state agencies. Interprets and communicates environmental requirements as a subject matter expert to elected officials, department heads, legal, and other stakeholders. Develops and implements standard operating procedures, forms, reports, and trainings for construction, industrial, and municipal operations. Drafts, reviews, and updates required stormwater documents (stormwater quality management plans, illicit discharge detection and elimination plan, stormwater pollution prevention plans, etc.).

For additional information, please see the complete job description.


Engineering Technician, MS4/Permits - Hamilton County

Posted: May 12

Coordinates job activities with Project Engineer, including assisting with department planning and programming activities, performing/assisting with surveying and design, and consulting with Project Engineer regarding department priorities, scope, and objectives. Reviews and approves regulated drain easement encroachments. Researches courthouse records for property deeds, secondary plats, recorded surveys, easements, right of way descriptions land and covenants as needed. 

For additional information, please see the complete job description.

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