2018 Conference Presentations

The presentations listed below are grouped according to the track.  If you are looking for a particular presentation from the Conference, and do not it listed below, please contact Matt Rummel or Karen Avery. You can a view a copy of the 2018 Conference Agenda for your reference.

Floodplain Track

National Hydrologic Warning Council & Hydrologic Warning Systems
10 Lessons Learned from 20+ Flood Response Plans
US Army Corps of Engineers Water Resource Programs and Authorities
CRS Cycle Verification vs. Re-certification 
Wildcat Creek Stream Assessment - Source of Flooding and Erosion Risks

MS4 Track

Surviving Detailed MS4 Managed Construction & Post-Construction Program Audits
Evidence-based Guidelines for Microbial Source Tracking Projects
The Carmel, Indiana ESC Inspection Program - Learning Along the Way
Innovative Illicit Discharge Reporting Concept
Put a Little Prep in Your Step: IDDE Program Audit Preparedness
Mobile GIS Tools for Stormwater Quality Management
How to Write an Approvable SWPPP

Stormwater Track

Key Considerations For Choosing Underground Detention and Manufactured Water Quality Solutions
Presenter Training for Ward's 3D Model
Using Drones for Outfall Inspections 
The Stormwater Benefits of Creating High-Performance Urban Trees

Technical Track

Constructed Wetlands to Reduce Nutrients from Cropland Runoff: Implications for Urban Stormwater
Using the "Best Available Information" Floodplain Mapping Layer
Medical District Streetcape, City of Evansville & Stormwater Quantity Solutions
High Performance Modular Biofiltration Systems: A 2nd Generation Solution for Stormwater Management

Plenary Sessions

Using Green Infrastructure to Save Green Paper
Managing Flood Risk: Opportunities at the Intersection of Science, Finance and Law
Inspection, Enforcement, and Maintenance of Post-construction BMPs: A Public Utility's Perspective 
Managing Large Wood in Indiana Stream and River Corridors