MCM 3 Group
Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Group

Dana Wilkinson
Ph: 812-349-2960

About the Group

The IDDE group is a forum for stormwater professionals to discuss Minimum Control Measures for Phase II MS4 permit holders.

Group members share experiences and ideas for conducting an effective illicit discharge detection and elimination program. The group serves as a sounding board for problem solving and learning about education and outreach across the state of Indiana.

The IDDE group is open to anyone. INAFSM members have access to guidance documents and templates for materials created by the group. Any level of MS4 experience is welcome, from beginners to advanced stormwater professionals. Meetings are typically via conference call and occasionally in person. 


The Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) subcommittee group is a forum for storm water professionals to discuss Minimum Control Measure Three for Phase II MS4 permit holders. The group seeks to promote effective IDDE programs throughout the state by sharing experiences, program ideas, and training opportunities.

Completed Projects


This section is under construction. Please check back soon for video resources.


Group meetings are usually held via conference call. Contact the MCM 3 Group Chair for more information.