ASFPM Lifetime Achievement Award

We are very pleased to announce that Siavash Beik just received the ASFPM Meritorious Lifetime Achievement in Floodplain Management Award!  This prestigious award was given to Siavash at the 2018 ASFPM National Conference last June.  Congratulations Siavash!  We are all very proud of you!!

 Siavash Beik receives award

This award recognizes individuals who, throughout their career, have achieved success in a significant aspect of floodplain management. These efforts shall include, but not be limited to, policy, outreach, implementation, education, government, research, litigation or other actions that demonstrate the advancement of flood loss and risk reduction within the nominee's professional realm. Unlike many our other award categories, individuals from the federal and private sectors are eligible for nomination for the Meritorious Lifetime Achievement in Floodplain Management Award.

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