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Friends of Lake Monroe Watershed Specialist

Posted: October 17, 2019

The coordinator will work with representatives of the Friends of Lake Monroe (FLM) and the Lake Monroe Watershed (LMW) steering committee members to accomplish the objectives of the 319 grant agreement, including the following critical tasks:

  • Execute all tasks in accordance with the decisions of FLM and LMW steering committee, as directed by the FLM board, meeting all grant deadlines.
  • Engage stakeholders in the watershed and develop support for watershed protection and restoration from landowners, local government, state and federal agencies and local community organizations.
  • Organize and facilitate public and steering committee meetings, as required by the 319 grant agreement or called for by the FLM board.
  • Attend FLM bi-monthly meetings to report on progress.
  • Develop and publish a watershed maFLM Watershed Coordinator Independent Contractor.pdfnagement plan (WMP) gathering public input and instituting an education and outreach program. The watershed plan will include all elements listed in the State’s Watershed Management Plan Checklist (updated 2009). 
  • Conduct windshield and desktop surveys during the development of the WMP to characterize the land use and to identify problematic locations. Maps of the project area and spatial data collected by project partners will be created by the watershed coordinator and used to assist in determining critical areas.
  • Plan and conduct outreach and educational activities and watershed tour.
  • Write/create electronic and printed newsletters, newspaper articles, brochures, presentations and website information.
  • Complete the scheduled grant tasks and prepare and submit grant reports to IDEM as outlined in the FLM 319 grant agreement.
  • Explore and implement techniques to calculate nutrient and sediment loads to Lake Monroe. 

For additional information, please see the job description


IDEM Watershed Specialist (Indianapolis)

Posted: October 14, 2019

This position exists within the Watershed Planning and Restoration Section of the Watershed Assessment and Planning Branch, Office of Water Quality, Indiana Department of Environmental Management. The person in this position reports to the Section Chief and is responsible for coordinating, advising, and assisting locally-led watershed management activities within assigned watersheds in Northwest Indiana, working with local, state, and federal entities to integrate watershed planning into local-level planning, and managing grant projects related to Nonpoint Source pollution. 

  • Interprets laws, regulations and guidelines within area of assignment including environmental response, solid and hazardous waste management, surveillance and standards or water management;

  • Maintains a tracking system on projects to insure that state’s allocation of grant monies is in accordance with schedules(s) from original grant/loan requests through planning and implementation

  • Prepares and provides a variety of written communications including responses to letters of inquiry from concerned citizens, elected representatives and governmental officials;

  • Facilitates and/or participates on a variety of work-related committees including outreach and education for the Nonpoint Source Program;

  • Researches, analyzes and reports on priority projects and their progress;

  • Provides technical assistance to local watershed groups and helps them to interpret industrial compliance data;

  • Reviews program plans for completeness, economic and technical feasibility and environmental impact;

  • Ensures that local grantee reports are properly reported to US EPA;

  • Reviews and evaluates technical work reports and supporting data for acceptability and conformance with federal requirements, laws and regulations, conclusions, recommendations and completeness;

For additional information, please see the job description


FEMA EHP Environmental Floodplain Specialist (EFSP)

Posted: October 4, 2019

This position is being announced under FEMA's Cadre of On-call Response/Recovery Employee (CORE) Program. This is a temporary appointment in the Excepted Service, not to exceed two years, with the option to extend based on workload and funding availability. Veterans Preference does not apply to the CORE selection process. The Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation Cadre (EHP) announces the hiring of EHP Environmental Floodplain Specialist (EFSP) position under FEMA's CORE Program.

  • Review and implement Executive Orders 11988: Floodplains and 11990: Wetlands (though the 8-step review process); all applicable environmental and historic preservation laws, regulations, additional executive orders, and policy for FEMA funded activities.
  • Prepares National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents based on the applicable level of review.
  • Serves as a technical specialist on floodplains and wetlands, providing advice and assistance to FEMA program staff, state emergency management staff, Tribal, state, local governments, and eligible private non-profit groups.
  • Performs technical project monitoring and evaluations to meet environmental and historic preservation responsibilities.
  • Analyze and apply a wide range of scientific and technical to environmental compliance review; specifically Executive Orders 11988: Floodplains and 11990: Wetlands.

For additional information, please see the job description


Scientist I - Indianapolis

Posted: August 22, 2019

Performs limited assignments, scientific studies and investigations for a variety of conditions present at project sites and phases of projects, including planning, design, program management and construction.

  • Primary Focus Will Include:
  • Preparation of NEPA documentation for INDOT roadway projects
  • Preparation of waterway permits (Section 404, Section 401, Construction in a Floodway) for INDOT roadway projects

For additional information, please see the job description


Scientist II - Indianapolis

Posted: August 22, 2019

Applies a sound knowledge of the principles and theories of geology, hydrology, chemistry, biology or other related sciences to analyze the potential effects a project may have on the environment and/or the potential effects the environment may have on the design and construction of a project. Participates in moderate to complex projects or all level of project/program difficulty and/or may be responsible for an assigned phase of project or program.

  • Primary Focus Will Include:
  • Preparing NEPA documentation for INDOT highway projects
  • Preparing Section 404/401 permits for INDOT highway projects

For additional information, please see the job description

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