Friends of Lake Monroe Watershed Specialist

Posted: October 17, 2019

The coordinator will work with representatives of the Friends of Lake Monroe (FLM) and the Lake Monroe Watershed (LMW) steering committee members to accomplish the objectives of the 319 grant agreement, including the following critical tasks:

  • Execute all tasks in accordance with the decisions of FLM and LMW steering committee, as directed by the FLM board, meeting all grant deadlines.
  • Engage stakeholders in the watershed and develop support for watershed protection and restoration from landowners, local government, state and federal agencies and local community organizations.
  • Organize and facilitate public and steering committee meetings, as required by the 319 grant agreement or called for by the FLM board.
  • Attend FLM bi-monthly meetings to report on progress.
  • Develop and publish a watershed maFLM Watershed Coordinator Independent Contractor.pdfnagement plan (WMP) gathering public input and instituting an education and outreach program. The watershed plan will include all elements listed in the State’s Watershed Management Plan Checklist (updated 2009). 
  • Conduct windshield and desktop surveys during the development of the WMP to characterize the land use and to identify problematic locations. Maps of the project area and spatial data collected by project partners will be created by the watershed coordinator and used to assist in determining critical areas.
  • Plan and conduct outreach and educational activities and watershed tour.
  • Write/create electronic and printed newsletters, newspaper articles, brochures, presentations and website information.
  • Complete the scheduled grant tasks and prepare and submit grant reports to IDEM as outlined in the FLM 319 grant agreement.
  • Explore and implement techniques to calculate nutrient and sediment loads to Lake Monroe. 

For additional information, please see the job description