2014 Annual Conference Presentations

September 10-12, Brown County State Park


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Table of Contents
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Plenary Sessions and Early Bird Meetings

A1 Above and Beyond the Stormwater Quality/Quantity Relationship
A2 Organic Wastewater Compounds in Water and Sediment of Restored Wetlands, Great Marsh, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, 2009-11
A3 CFM Refresher Course
B A Pathway to No-Adverse-Impact Agricultural Drainage and Urban Development
C Effects of Stormwater Runoff on Water Quality in Upper White River
D Evaluating Geomorphic Change in Constructed Two-Stage Ditches in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan
Early Bird Stormwater - IDEM Round Table - Updates and Discussion of Current Program Activities
Early Bird Floodplain - Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies, What Ingredients am I Getting?
ASFPM Foundation Presentation


Concurrent Sessions (Floodplain Track)

A1 IDNR Discussing the New Worksheet for Construction in a Floodway
  Indiana DNR Updates
A2 Floodplain Mapping Using SSURGO Soil Database
A3 Koontz Lake Dam Rehabilitation Project
  The Changing NFIP and its Effect on Local Floodplain Management
B1 An Introduction to ArcGIS Online and Mapping Floodprone Structures
  Reaching out with Unique Partners The 1913 Outreach Experience
B2 Maps are Everywhere (GIS)
  Superstorm Sandy - New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Response Case Study
B3 Violations Happen...Working Together for a Resolution
  QCritical – The Missing Link Between Stormwater Quantity and Quality
B4 When Minimum Standards are Not Enough
  Fluvial Erosion
C1 Discover. Act. Mitigate.
  Low Head Dams
C2 CRS and FEMA Updates


Concurrent Sessions (MS4 Track)

A1 Municipal Facilities - Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping
A2 Outreach and Education Made Easy through Social Media Marketing
A3 Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Review
B1 4-H Soil and Water Project Update
B2 Tips for Conducting Informal Youth Education
B3 Clean Water, Clear Choices
B4 Community Cooperation for an Effective Illicit Discharge Program
C1 Monroe County MS4 Perspective on I-69 Extension Stormwater Issues
C2 Back to Basics: Proper Placement Of ESC BMPs


Concurrent Sessions (Stormwater Track)

A1 Flat Ditches CAN Work! Introducing the Hybrid Ditch
A2 Groundwater Flow Simulation and Effects of Ditching on Stormwater Runoff near Long Lake, Indiana Dunes
A3 Stormwater Rate Alternatives / Stormwater Project Financing
B1 Trenchless Point Repairs: A Necessary and Cost Effective Tool in the Toolbox
B2 Regional Application of LID to Eliminate On-site Stormwater BMPs
B3 Using Inexpensive ESRI Tools to Leverage Your GIS Assets for All
B4 Design and Construction Lessons Learned for Green Infrastructure Projects
C1 Lessons Learned From 30,000 (ESC) Inspections
C2 Indy Rezone – City of Indianapolis Comprehensive Ordinance Update