The INAFSM Board of Directors has processes in place for following state and federal legislation that impacts members. 

Current Legislation

IDEM is currently working on a replacement NPDES general permit to replace 327 IAC 15-5 (Rule 5). EPA is no longer allowing IDEM to put their NPDES general permits into the Indiana Administrative Code. In 2016, the Environmental Rules Board approved a new IAC rule which enables IDEM to issue general permits through EPA’s standard process. EPA is also requiring IDEM to expand certain key requirements as well as add new ones.

IDEM is currently holding meetings with invited representatives from key stakeholder groups. INAFSM is one of these participating groups and Kerry Daily, the current Legislative Committee Chair, serves as INAFSM’s representative. If INAFSM members would like to provide input or comments on this draft permit, they should contact Kerry.

The Fact Sheets below were developed by INAFSM to provide a greater understanding of the draft permit. One of the Fact Sheets is intended to serve as an Executive Summary and the other provides specific details.

INAFSM submitted comments to IDEM on August 22, 2017 on the first draft of the permit. View Comments


INAFSM Position Papers