MS4 Program Coordinator- City of Bloomington

Posted: June 17

Responsible for implementation of the City’s Storm Water Quality Management Plan and prepares the MS4 Annual Report required by IDEM. Serves as the City’s point of contact with IDEM regarding 327 IAC 15-5 and 327 IAC 15-13. Prepares for and facilitates State audits of the City’s MS4 Program and addresses deficiencies identified by the State. Supervises the Stormwater Education Specialist, and provides leadership and guidance to the MS4’s education and outreach campaigns. Oversees the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program and pursues enforcement when necessary. Responsible for implementing an outfall inspection program compliant with 327 IAC 15-13. Responsible for overseeing and implementing the Construction Stormwater Permit Program. Reviews Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans as required by 327 IAC 15-5. Conducts regular inspections of construction sites to ensure compliance with Title 10.21 of the Bloomington Municipal Code, and communicates deficiencies with contractors or property owners. Pursues enforcement when necessary.

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