Professional Surveyor - Office of the Monroe County Surveyor

Posted: January 28

Serves as the licensed professional Land Surveyor in the Monroe County Surveyor’s Office and is responsible for administering those portions of the statutory duties of the Surveyor’s Office that constitute the “Practice of land surveying”, and require registration with the state board of registration for land surveyors. Maintains legal survey records and official corners of the Public Land Survey (PLS) System. Checks and references at least five percent of all government corners each year in accordance with IC 36-2-12-11. Perpetuates original section and quarter corners, as well as the center of section and 16th corners with established histories. Gathers evidence that may assist in determining the original location of each corner including, researching original PLS notes and plats, deeds, plats, surveys, highway plans, corner records, private survey records, aerial photography,

For additional information, please see the complete job description